World of Technology & Science 2018

Posted by Strypes on Aug 8, 2018 7:03:36 AM

Strypes and ICT Group are participating in the World of Technology & Science in ‘De Jaarbeurs’ in Utrecht (The Netherlands) on October 2 – 5, 2018. The World of Technology & Science and Industrial Processing trade fairs are integrated into one exhibition: World of Technology & Science 2018. WoTS consists of five generic titles: World of Automation, World of Laboratory, World of Motion & Drives, World of Electronics and Industrial Processing . 

With this division the branches get their own identity, exhibition program and they focus on their own visitor target groups with interactive exhibition projects and appealing and current seminar topics.

The automation of a complex process into a working system is one thing. But how do you create an ICT solution that delivers much more? How do you get more speed? More comfort? More sustainability? More profit? That’s the challenge and ICT Group loves a challenge. The more complex the project is, the more enthusiastic we get. And the more ambitious the goal, the more we push our boundaries.

Although ‘The Internet of Things’ is no longer a new concept, many companies are still experiencing difficulties in switching to online management and monitoring of their devices and machines. It’s not easy to build your own IoT Cloud. By developing the conNXT IoT Platform, ICT Group has already done all the hard work for you. ConNXT allows you to reduce your costs and increase satisfaction among your customers within a minimum of time.

It is the IoT Platform used by ICT Group for its IoT projects. ConNXT is the perfect foundation for customized projects and products, and that includes your customized IoT Cloud. With its proven functionality and quality, conNXT guarantees that your project will get off to a flying start.

Strypes at WoTS
The developments in the current digital economy require innovative software that contributes to business operations. These developments raise questions when determining the software development road-map at Original Equipment Manufacturers and Independent Software Vendors.

• How do you develop a Minimal Viable Product with the shortest possible Time To Market?
• Is my team scalable enough?
• How do you keep the costs low, and:
• How do I extend the life of my product?

Strypes introduces Software Development as a Service (SDaaS)
Software Development as a Service is an approach to cut the costs and complications to traditional role-based models. SDaaS allows customers to outsource work packages instead of hiring resources.