What Strypes' interns think of our internship program

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We run our internship program because we recognise how important it is to invest in talent early on. As a multinational company with strong partners, we feel responsible for supporting future developers from as soon as they’re in university, or even at school. The Strypes internship program lets interns work on real projects, learn practical skills, and develop a work ethic. The academy is also a gateway to becoming a part of our team and build a career.  


One of our interns, Hristo, received a full-time job offer from Strypes before undergoing his internship. He had some previous work experience in support and as a junior web developer and showed creative thinking during the interview process. “The task they sent me was to solve a Python algorithm. I broadened this task based on my vision, making a whole interface with many extensions and useful functions.” The one-month program introduced him to the teams and gave him a general overview of the work processes and project. His ambition now is to reach a senior level in the next few years. 


Unlike Hristo, Kaloyan was still at school when he decided to join Strypes as an intern. He impressed us as he has been programming games since he was 11 years old. Naturally, Kaloyan continued his education at the specialised Technological School Electronic Systems (TUES). Meeting our People Operations Director, Jeroen, at HackConf inspired him to sign up for the internship program. “I like how bonded the team is and how to work for clients in the Netherlands.” He would love to study in the Netherlands and work for Strypes or one of our Dutch partners. He shared that humility and honesty are the qualities that make an intern stand out. 


“The work environment at Strypes is highly enjoyable, and my colleagues are fresh people. The projects are not that difficult to understand. I feel good here,” shared the undergraduate student Nikolay. “I had exams when I started my internship, and I had to combine both. I was learning as I was doing. We had workshops that were difficult in the beginning because I didn’t have the knowledge. Now I do all these tasks automatically as it’s much clearer.” 




Ivaylo who studies in Great Britain came to Bulgaria for his summer holiday and Strypes’ internship. “I researched the company, and it turned out that it covered all my requirements for an internship. I was looking forward to working on intriguing projects in an international firm. The fact that Strypes is an ASML partner, according to their website, was enough of an argument for me that there are many interesting projects. I also wanted to gain experience at a large company that was in Bulgaria so that I could enjoy my summer break while working at the same time.” Ivaylo found the education he received at Strypes very valuable, and it allowed him to work with many different technologies. “The company organises many team-building events, and there’s also a massage offer twice a week. The teams are very social as they play different games together like paintball.” 


“My challenge was to familiarise myself with the specifics of the projects and code. This is a system that has been working for 20 years,” added Ivaylo. His internship taught him valuable lessons about Agile, Scrum, how to lead daily meetings, systems like SVN and ClearCase, and the ASML-specific projects.


Peter was another intern who shared that he had a great time at Strypes. He has never been in the IT sector, and this was his first work experience. Peter chose Strypes for his internship as he was referred to us by a friend who gave him positive feedback about the program. “It felt like an appropriate place for me to start. I applied for the position of Python Intern Developer, and I’ve been here for two months.” He is a second-year student, and he loves learning new things every day that improve his skills as a developer. “It’s nice that you gain so much knowledge.” Peter has completed courses for Python, Django, and Vue.js. Two months in, he now has a more in-depth understanding of the technologies and enjoys the work atmosphere at Strypes. 


“Everyone is very positive, friendly, and respectful. The stress in the workplace is close to zero. You’ll never feel that someone is pushing you or blaming you for something. Your colleagues will encourage you to grow and be better. I would describe the work culture as ‘happy’ and that matters a lot for me. It makes me want to stay in the company for the long term,” said Peter. He envisions himself as a developer with rich experience, having exciting challenges and feeling satisfaction from solving them. Peter is motivated to continue as a full-time Strypes team member. 


How about you?

If you also want to start your career with a multinational company that employs more than 250 professionals and invests in educating young talent, then you might be Strypes’ next intern. Here is a summary of the value that our interns receive:


  • Training and working on exciting new projects 
  • Understanding of the business operations and the work processes at a big company
  • A salary to compensate you for your time and make you feel like a valuable part of Strypes
  • Team building experiences, massage, recreation areas in the office

Send us an email to internship@strypes.eu to receive more information about our next internship program and apply.





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