We welcome Up2 to our family of companies

Posted by Strypes on Dec 23, 2019 4:57:49 PM
 We are proud and honoured to announce that Strypes Bulgaria has acquired full ownership of Up2. Like Strypes, Up2 is a Dutch/Bulgarian company. They were looking for a partnership to secure future growth and this aligned with our goal to expand. We welcome Up2's 23 strong professionals to our team, 20 of which are based in Sofia, and three in the Netherlands. 
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Nasko Filchev, Up2's new CEO and current COO of Strypes said: "I am excited to add UP2 to the Bulgarian family. With the experience in Up2, we can extend our portfolio and strengthen our position as a leading Nearshoring solution provider. From the first moment I met the people at Up2, I saw the potential and also the match with the Strypes culture and attitude. I believe our motto, Stronger together, will continue to get us closer to our goals."

We are certain that the existing General Manager, Dimitrina, is very dedicated and committed to bring Up2 to a new level and make it an even bigger success. Up2's new CEO Nasko has been with Strypes since the beginning and he will still keep his position as COO at Strypes. Nasko is well aware of the challenges that are ahead of Up2 and he will help Dimitrina and the rest of the leadership team to overcome them and achieve our goals.
The company culture of Up2 is very close to what we have at Strypes. This is one of the most important things we look for when we acquire a company. Up2 adds a new service to our portfolio–Open Source Website Development, including a number of clients in the area of IoT and Microsoft technologies.

With 250+ dedicated professionals, we continue our mission to build smart solutions that create business impact for our customers.