Front office as the key to efficient outsourcing

Posted by Strypes on Aug 22, 2019 10:38:06 AM

Strypes’ Front Office is the key differentiator that helps us offer high-quality outsourcing. The value of the local presence is in mastering the outsourcing process, thanks to the real contact we establish with the customer by being attentive and available in person. We want our clients to share their software problems with us and trust our expertise on how to do the work. That is why the Front Office proximity is key to our success.

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Nearsurance: Find out What Strypes’ Unique Outsourcing Model Can do for Your Business

Posted by Strypes on Apr 15, 2019 11:05:57 AM

Outsourcing is important to businesses, especially when there is a need to grow, reduce costs, and solve issues that in-house teams don’t have the capacity to handle. But sometimes it can bring challenges like cultural and time-zone differences that can cause miscommunication and delays, especially when companies chose the offshoring model.

Dealing with the inefficiencies of outsourcing was a challenge that we at Strypes took and transformed into our model called Nearsurance. It combines the benefits of nearshoring with easy communication and quality assurance by being present at the client’s location. 

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Choosing Software Development as a Service? Yes, please.

Posted by Strypes on Mar 29, 2019 2:43:19 PM

The lack of resources within your IT department shouldn’t stall your growth and hiring new professionals doesn’t always make good business sense. It’s not only about saving costs. Recruiting, hiring, and training employees is incredibly time-consuming. And so is releasing people, if the work doesn’t go as planned.

Software Development as a Service gives access to a talent pool of on-demand teams that can take care of the full cycle of a product. These teams are an extended part of the company and a trusted thought partner. They help the client where there isn’t enough capacity or knowledge, without the need for additional training or guidance.

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