Strypes Business Continuity Planning helps us protect our customers‘ business

Posted by Strypes on Mar 27, 2020 6:43:09 PM

Strypes Business Continuity Planning (BCP) helps us protect our customers‘ business in the most complex and unforeseen circumstances. We have created processes to ensure business continuity, prevention, and system recovery from potential threats such as natural disasters or cyber attacks. Strypes BCP is designed to protect personnel and assets, and to make sure they continue functioning. 

Our organisation is ready and has had a reasonable Business Continuity Management System in place since 2018.

The ISO 27 001 certification positions our company as a stable and preferred partner for our clients.




We put our focus on the professional expertise of our employees and engineers, from as soon as we recruit and hire them. This is to ensure that we can identify and correct any potential weaknesses. As a result, when we identify a possible risk for business disruption, our employees are prepared to act in accordance with the BCP we’ve established. Their productivity and the service we provide to our customers and partners are uninterrupted. 


To develop a solid Business Continuity Plan, our Core Continuity team members (also called the Strypes Group Hawks team) are our BCP Executive Department Leads. Their main responsibility is to devise a plan to manage the disruption, come up with a business impact analysis, and come up with a recovery strategy.




“In extreme circumstances such as the COVID–19 pandemic, we ensure flawless VDI support for some of our customers, allowing them to have a stable environment for DevOps activities, fluent system upgrades, and major migrations.”


How Strypes Protects Remote Engineers:

  •       Disaster Recovery
  •       Multi-factor authentication
    This type of authentication acts as an additional layer of security on top of our remote employees' accounts.
  •       VPN
    With our VPN, we can ensure that only policy-compliant systems connect.
  •  Firewall
    A firewall should raise a stink when a program other than your email client or Web browser attempts something suspicious. This is mandatory.
  •       User Education and Awareness
    This is how our company gives the knowledge to its employees to act appropriately.
  •       High Availability


How Strypes cares for our customers:

  •       Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  •       Supporting by providing solutions to augment or enhance their environment.
  •       Providing rapid deployment of alternatives where we identify gaps or opportunities to improve networking and communication.
  •       Be more present than ever, reassuring constant resource availability and the overall increase in response rate.
  •       Communicate, Over-communicate: setting up additional remote meetings and reviews so all stakeholders are well informed and satisfied.