Mariyan on learning new technologies, flying airplanes, and finding time for everything

Posted by Strypes on Dec 7, 2020 10:23:44 PM

Mariyan Iliev joined Strypes when he decided to grow his career. He is a Javascript Developer who loves to get out of his comfort zone and is curious about learning new technologies. Mariyan took part of our Beer.js event as he loves to challenge himself by speaking in public and teaching on stage.

“At the moment I’m developing my Javascript skills. I mainly work with React and Vue but I also want to focus on the backend technologies like Node.js, Deno. After a few years in the industry, you realize that if you want to grow you need to be involved in the full development process, the frontend and  the backend part.”

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Mariyan started his Javascript journey thanks to the Telerik Academy where he became passionate about the technology. In his view, great communication with colleagues, perseverance, and having clear goals are the most important soft skills to succeed at his career.

Thanks to his role at Strypes, Mariyan shares that he has accomplished his goal to become better at what he does. As he points out, the quality of his code has significantly improved, it’s easier for him to answer any questions his colleagues might have about the work, and can now see the bigger picture. 


“At the beginning of every year, I always write down my goals and the things I want to accomplish or learn. This past year, I challenged myself by speaking at the Beer.js event organised by Strypes, bungee jumping and skydiving.”

What are your hobbies?

I am currently learning how to fly a small airplane. I found the course online, it seemed interesting, and so I decided to sign up. I am a very active person and I have many hobbies. I love rowing, diving, running, CrossFit, going to the gym. I also like hiking in the mountains, especially if it’s with good company. By the end of this year, I will have a boat captain license. Every season offers something interesting to do. I am very good at organising my time. 

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How do you organise your time?

Everything is on my phone, my calendar is full, and I update my tasks daily. I take notes regularly. After I’m done, I delete the notes at the end of the week. 

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Tell us a curious fact about you.

I studied to be a policeman but somehow that didn’t work out, and so in the middle of my studies I moved to Sofia and became a developer. Whilst studying part-time, I also undertook courses at the Telerik Academy. 


What is your greatest lesson you have learned so far?

To accomplish something, you must have clear goals, invest all your time, and not get distracted. For the past year, I have invested between 12-14 hours per day to learn new technologies on weekdays, and 4-8 hours on the weekend. It’s interesting for me to learn and to teach others. It’s a win-win situation.

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