Three innovative ways Kodar helps our customers use the cloud

Posted by Strypes on Nov 3, 2020 10:33:21 AM

Kodar is a part of the Strypes family of companies and offers cloud solutions to our customers who want to keep up with innovation. In this white paper, we feature Kodar's approach of gradual modernisation and migration, which preserves the investments that have been made and reduces the risks for the client. 


A legacy system might become a burden for businesses at some point. Outdated software often fails to meet the changes in the business processes of the company as the maintenance is expensive and the accessibility from remote locations. 


It's often expensive to fix issues and implement new features. The legacy system may fail to match the evolved business needs and has limited analytics and business intelligence capabilities. The need to maintain own IT departments and infrastructur can create risks of business Interruptions and result in failure to meet evolving security standards. Businesses also face issues like limited accessibility from remote locations, mobile workstations and devices.


This is where Kodar steps in. Our approach allows clients to:


  • Modernise their software to match the current business requirements and allow for  easy and fast upgrades, developed using established, state-of-the-art technologies
  • Gradual modernisation to manage the cost of migration and ensure business continuity during migration
  • Improved efficiency of the business processes by integrating state of art systems into existing software systems
  • Optimisation of redundant and obsolete processes, components and infrastructure
  • Reduce the IT maintenance costs (HW, technical support and local vs remote) 
  • Reduce the training and learning costs
  • Improve the decision making process by introducing modern and easily accessible data analytics and business intelligence solutions


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