The Strypes Approach to IT Infrastructure Management

Posted by Strypes on Dec 18, 2019 11:11:30 AM

Our IT Infrastructure management service is a long-term collaboration between Strypes and our customers. When our clients need efficient support and to bridge the gap between development and operations, we enable them to talk about their challenges and create a roadmap of the work that needs to be done. 


Whether you want to optimise your IT Infrastructure, save costs, or enhance your business by enhancing your technology, we can find the right solution in your specific case.

When starting a new project, we make sure that we find the most suitable engineers from the infrastructure point of view. The Strypes team has such diversity and skills that we can easily move people between projects to make sure they can help with the right expertise at the right time. We can scale up or down the team so that we can adapt to the client’s needs and also to make sure we meet all the deadlines. 

We focus on meeting the requirements on an infrastructure level while the client can focus on running their business. Applying our Nearsurance business model allows us to reduce costs while also ensuring the highest quality of service by having a local person from the Strypes team present at the client’s site. The customer doesn’t have to worry about the outsourcing part. They can receive support and a response to their questions in the fastest way possible, according to the priority levels we’ve agreed on. We always talk to the customer to define the priorities and every priority has different response times, according to the urgency of the issue and how it disrupts business. This work model also allows us to work with both small and large-scale companies.


We take full ownership of every project we work on, ensuring that the client’s infrastructure is up to date and that the network runs smoothly. Our teams are remote and agile, using DevOps practices to automate and optimise your IT Infrastructure for speed of delivery which ensures security, quality and stability.


Typically, clients come to us to maintain their IT infrastructure, providing efficient support and reducing the costs of doing business. We enhance customer satisfaction, help secure applications and business data, optimise the IT infrastructure for performance, and reduce the total cost of ownership. Additionally, we maintain the knowledge of their legacy systems and play a role in designing and moving to a new optimised infrastructure where possible - on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.


The ideal client trusts us to take care of their IT infrastructure. Together, we decide on the way forward, making sure that we can find the best possible solution and implement the latest technologies. 


Topics: DevOps, IT Infrastructure