Can your infrastructure handle having your team working from home?

Posted by Strypes on Apr 24, 2020 1:09:09 PM

For some organisations, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) might seem like formal documentation and too much documentation and administrative work. But this also includes investing in hardware that can ensure business continuity and configuring it in a professional manner. When organisations don’t ensure business continuity in the very beginning, it is difficult to do that in critical times like the current COVID-19 situation. The pandemic forced millions of workers who have the possibility to do their job remotely to work from home.



Do your systems experience more issues in the current crisis? 

Can you access your company network, data and systems remotely and securely enough?

In such situations, companies find the need to outsource as they don’t have sufficient resources to do that in-house. At Strypes, we have resources and specialists to consult the management of organisations on how to ensure business continuity in critical situations:

  1. Perform an analysis of the business
    Every company has a very specific business and systems and this is why it’s important to analyse how the current situation affects business and where are the biggest issues.
  2. Create strategies
    How we can solve these issues and run a quick test to implement the solution?
  3. Assist or implement a full BCP solution

There is no ready-made solution. Solving critical issues related to a lack of sufficient business continuity planning depends on knowing the business. This is why the first step is always to analyse the business, which can be done remotely or over the course of one day. 


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