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Vladi on persistence and improving the team productivity

Posted by Strypes on Mar 31, 2020 1:26:19 AM

Vladimira Georgieva is a Technical Project Manager at Strypes and has been with us for the past two and a half years. Vladi is a very social person and one of her personal values is to have good communication with her colleagues. Her career started as a developer, working between Sofia and Lisbon. At some point, she decided she wanted to come back to Sofia and become a project manager.

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Strypes Business Continuity Planning helps us protect our customers‘ business

Posted by Strypes on Mar 27, 2020 6:43:09 PM

Strypes Business Continuity Planning (BCP) helps us protect our customers‘ business in the most complex and unforeseen circumstances. We have created processes to ensure business continuity, prevention, and system recovery from potential threats such as natural disasters or cyber attacks. Strypes BCP is designed to protect personnel and assets, and to make sure they continue functioning. 

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Angel Pashev on taking risks and responsibilities

Posted by Strypes on Mar 19, 2020 1:59:31 AM

More than six years ago, Angel Pashev came to Strypes after the company was recommended to him. Starting as a Software Engineer, he is now a Technical Team Lead and likes having the freedom to work on different projects that change and evolve. For his role, it’s important to be a good engineer. When he’s working on a complex project, he knows how to dismantle it and put all the different tasks together. 

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Tatyana Lesidrenska: the paragliding technical project manager

Posted by Strypes on Feb 14, 2020 9:34:40 PM


Tatyana Lesidrenska is a Technical Project Manager at Strypes. She is an organised free spirited woman with a very diverse work background. Before Strypes, Tatyana studied to become a teacher, worked in an advertising company, in TV, and then in IT. In most of career in IT she has been focusing on planning and delivering projects. Tatyana shares that she is a firm believer in Strypes’ company values and people, and this is what made her choose us. 

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DevOps and how to ensure better communication

Posted by Strypes on Feb 3, 2020 10:10:43 AM

The role of DevOps is to bridge the gap between the development and the operations teams. In the past, the structure of software development companies was split into these two departments, and that created some issues in the long run. When the development team wanted to deliver features, they wanted to deliver as many and as fast as possible. The operations team, however, resisted changes that might break something that was already working. 

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Ivan Uzunov on growing in his role at Strypes

Posted by Strypes on Jan 7, 2020 8:32:29 AM


Ivan Uzunov is the Outsource Manager for Strypes/ICT, who is directly responsible for the relationship with our partner, ASML. He joined Strypes back in 2011 when one of our colleagues called to tell him that we’re hiring developers. He got the job and in time after proving his skills, he became a Scrum Master of multiple migration projects. Ivan worked in three different groups within Strypes. Naturally, the next step for him was to become a Project Lead.

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2019 was the year to focus on engaging the hearts and minds of talent

Posted by Strypes on Dec 30, 2019 10:54:49 AM
  Another great year goes by and we are grateful to have you as part of our journey. In 2019, we invested a lot of effort in turning Strypes into an even more amazing workplace where talent thrives We hired 110 new developers and we are growing fast. At the same time, we recognise the importance of nurturing the relationship with all our current employees.
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We welcome Up2 to our family of companies

Posted by Strypes on Dec 23, 2019 4:57:49 PM
  We are proud and honoured to announce that Strypes Bulgaria has acquired full ownership of Up2. Like Strypes, Up2 is a Dutch/Bulgarian company. They were looking for a partnership to secure future growth and this aligned with our goal to expand. We welcome Up2's 23 strong professionals to our team, 20 of which are based in Sofia, and three in the Netherlands. 
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The Strypes Approach to IT Infrastructure Management

Posted by Strypes on Dec 18, 2019 11:11:30 AM

Our IT Infrastructure management service is a long-term collaboration between Strypes and our customers. When our clients need efficient support and to bridge the gap between development and operations, we enable them to talk about their challenges and create a roadmap of the work that needs to be done. 

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Nasko Filchev on what makes a good COO

Posted by Strypes on Dec 4, 2019 1:27:32 PM
Nasko Filchev is Strypes’ COO and is one of the first people to join the company after Koen van Wijk founded it in 2008. Nasko graduated and worked in Germany, but he wanted to go back to his home country, Bulgaria. He then discovered a job ad posted by a small company that was just starting out. There was a huge potential for growth and Nasko knew that by seeing the business model.
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