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Remaining competitive with Application Modernisation

Posted by Strypes on Oct 1, 2019 9:51:46 AM

If your business relies on a legacy application, then you can relate to the challenges of keeping up with innovation. It is difficult to find engineers who have the expertise to provide support for old technologies. The UI might become non-responsive. Or maybe your customers expect more from you as a company. 

At Strypes, we build end-to-end software solutions that create business impact, which includes application modernisation as a continuous service. We help our clients assess the work that needs to be done and then develop a solution to modernise their application. Typically, this results in an increased customer satisfaction, smoother operations, improved performance, and reduced costs.

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We welcome Kodar to our family of companies

Posted by Strypes on Sep 18, 2019 11:20:25 AM
We are proud and honored to announce that Strypes Bulgaria has acquired full ownership of Kodar LTD. Kodar is one of the leading software companies in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and employs more than 40 professionals. The company has been offering Software Development and Software Solutions for more than 23 years for clients in Bulgaria, Europe, the USA and RSA.

Todor Marinov, CEO Strypes: "We started working with Kodar in 2016 on multiple projects in the Healthcare, Energy & High Tech Industry. We were impressed by their strong technical competence and we found a great work and culture fit, as well as a common desire to exceed customer expectations. Starting this strategic partnership will help us meet the growing demands of our customers in the Netherlands, as well as enter new strategic markets in Europe and the USA."

Asen Rahnev, Founder of Kodar LTD: "The merger of Kodar and Strypes gives us all a marvelous opportunity to combine the experience and knowledge of Kodar with the youth, energy, the technical and marketing competencies of Strypes. Now we will be able to grow both companies together and expand our joint position on the Bulgarian and international markets."

The Dutchman Jeroen van Hertum has been appointed to the position of CEO for Kodar.

Jeroen: "I am excited to support Kodar with their business goals and create impressive results in the collaboration with Strypes and ICT Group.From the first moment I met the people at Kodar back in 2016, I have been impressed with their ingenious approach to projects and products."

With 250 dedicated professionals we continue our mission to build smart solutions that create business impact for our customers.
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What Strypes' interns think of our internship program

Posted by Strypes on Sep 9, 2019 10:33:47 AM


We run our internship program because we recognise how important it is to invest in talent early on. As a multinational company with strong partners, we feel responsible for supporting future developers from as soon as they’re in university, or even at school. The Strypes internship program lets interns work on real projects, learn practical skills, and develop a work ethic. The academy is also a gateway to becoming a part of our team and build a career.  

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Front office as the key to efficient outsourcing

Posted by Strypes on Aug 22, 2019 10:38:06 AM

Strypes’ Front Office is the key differentiator that helps us offer high-quality outsourcing. The value of the local presence is in mastering the outsourcing process, thanks to the real contact we establish with the customer by being attentive and available in person. We want our clients to share their software problems with us and trust our expertise on how to do the work. That is why the Front Office proximity is key to our success.

Our Front Office includes a team of experienced professionals who have software development & project management background and who know how to interact with our clients on various levels. The goal is to be transparent and be a bridge between the client and the Strypes’ remote teams. 

Check out our Nearsurance outsourcing model blog post to learn more about its benefits and value.


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Nearsurance: Find out What Strypes’ Unique Outsourcing Model Can do for Your Business

Posted by Strypes on Apr 15, 2019 11:05:57 AM

Outsourcing is important to businesses, especially when there is a need to grow, reduce costs, and solve issues that in-house teams don’t have the capacity to handle. But sometimes it can bring challenges like cultural and time-zone differences that can cause miscommunication and delays, especially when companies chose the offshoring model.

Dealing with the inefficiencies of outsourcing was a challenge that we at Strypes took and transformed into our model called Nearsurance. It combines the benefits of nearshoring with easy communication and quality assurance by being present at the client’s location. 

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Choosing Software Development as a Service? Yes, please.

Posted by Strypes on Mar 29, 2019 2:43:19 PM

The lack of resources within your IT department shouldn’t stall your growth and hiring new professionals doesn’t always make good business sense. It’s not only about saving costs. Recruiting, hiring, and training employees is incredibly time-consuming. And so is releasing people, if the work doesn’t go as planned.

Software Development as a Service gives access to a talent pool of on-demand teams that can take care of the full cycle of a product. These teams are an extended part of the company and a trusted thought partner. They help the client where there isn’t enough capacity or knowledge, without the need for additional training or guidance.

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SCRUM at a big scale - here's how

Posted by Strypes on Dec 21, 2018 4:59:35 PM


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From Motif to Qt: Should you take the leap?

Posted by Strypes on Dec 19, 2018 5:03:05 PM

Do you slack on software and hardware innovation because your current systems "still work"? Then we should let you know progress doesn’t happen in steps nowadays. It enrolls in short leaps that introduce new trends and tools, and leave outdated technologies behind. If you don’t stay on top, you’re at risk of not being able to support and update your business applications.

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More bits = more profitable business 32-bit vs 64-bit

Posted by Strypes on Dec 18, 2018 1:10:58 PM

At Strypes, we have impressive experience with migration projects. Our most challenging work so far has been the migration of main source code from 32-bit to 64-bit architecture. The product in question was embedded software running on photolithographic machines. Upon completion of this transformational project, we decided to share what it entailed and why it makes sense for you to also consider the same step.  

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The service of the new millenium

Posted by Strypes on Oct 10, 2018 11:48:53 AM

Remote IT support originated as a service in the beginning of this century. It was the natural consequence of all events at the end of the 90s that marked a new age for business and economy - the digital, borderless age. In mid-90s, the Internet was officially commercialized and shortly after, the VPN and the broadband connection were born. By the early 2000s, broadband was largely adopted, which made remote access to computers and servers possible.

A well-known industry pioneer - VMware, created a set of software tools for remote IT operations. Microsoft followed closely after with its own virtualization product. And finally, Amazon AWS was presented, setting a stone for the new "cloud" era. These three companies are the foundation of the IT outsourcing industry, because they provided the means to make it possible.

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