Remaining competitive with Application Modernisation

Posted by Strypes on Oct 1, 2019 9:51:46 AM

If your business relies on a legacy application, then you can relate to the challenges of keeping up with innovation. It is difficult to find engineers who have the expertise to provide support for old technologies. The UI might become non-responsive. Or maybe your customers expect more from you as a company. 

Screenshot 2019-07-12 at 8.43.38-1At Strypes, we build end-to-end software solutions that create business impact, which includes application modernisation as a continuous service. We help our clients assess the work that needs to be done and then develop a solution to modernise their application. Typically, this results in an increased customer satisfaction, smoother operations, improved performance, and reduced costs.

Most of our clients are enterprises in sectors like finance, banking, e-mobility, and logistics. Enterprises in heavily-regulated industries find it challenging to modernise their applications, which is why having a trusted partner who has the experience and knowledge is essential. 

In this white paper, we share some examples of how we’ve applied our expertise and managed to overcome the challenges of modernising a legacy application. 

Usually, our clients come to us when they have one or several of the following issues:

  • The UI becomes non-responsive
  • The UI/UX is not intuitive or aligned with the expectations of the modern customer
  • Changes in the system are costly and require risky redeployment 
  • Lack of engineers who know how to support the legacy technologies
  • Inability to scale or innovate due to code complexity, incompatibility, or lack of flexibility
  • The application becomes unstable

Sometimes, companies don’t have the right in-house team for this service. As a thinking partner, Strypes can provide the right team, build the solution, and maintain the knowledge of your legacy system.

Application modernisation has different layers such as UI/UX modernisation, or code, database or cloud/ server migration. We can consult you and assess whether you need to take the layered approach or transform the overall performance of your application. After we modernise your application, we can also keep the knowledge for you, evolving our relationship into a long-term partnership. 


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