Angel Pashev on taking risks and responsibilities

Posted by Strypes on Mar 19, 2020 1:59:31 AM

More than six years ago, Angel Pashev came to Strypes after the company was recommended to him. Starting as a Software Engineer, he is now a Technical Team Lead and likes having the freedom to work on different projects that change and evolve. For his role, it’s important to be a good engineer. When he’s working on a complex project, he knows how to dismantle it and put all the different tasks together. 

Angel's challenge is to communicate everything and make sure everyone on the team is aligned. He visits our clients in the Netherlands for at least one week each month. 


On a typical day, Angel likes to come earlier than his colleagues so that he can look through emails and make sure he’s up to date with the projects. It’s also important to hold daily meetings and assess what needs to be done before the work is executed. 


Angel has a core principle we can all learn from and this is to not think about work after we leave the office, although this is difficult when it comes to a job you are passionate about doing. 


“My extreme hobbies balance me. This also helps me in my work, as it makes me more prone to take more responsibilities. Having responsibilities and owning them isn’t easy.”




In his words, this is the way to achieve a better work-life balance. In his free time, he likes doing extreme sports, and reading. The last book he read was If Only I’d Listen to Myself  by Jaques Salome. He shares that it gave him a different perspective on the myths we create for ourselves and how to avoid them. 




Tell us something about yourself that your colleagues don’t know about

Most of my colleagues don’t know I fall a lot when I go skiing or surfing. The excitement of off-track skiing continues after the ride is over, and yet it is not a traumatic experience. Surfing during the summer is also funny, waves can truly be like a washing machine, but the overall fun can’t be compared to anything else. I like the feeling and it relaxes me. You are present in the moment, you focus on not falling, and it never gets boring. 

Do you like to travel? What was your most memorable trip?

"I went to Oahu, Hawaii. I liked it because it was exotic and at the same time, it was also modern and perfect for surfing. When you go hiking, you are next to the ocean. I also enjoyed living in a house without solid windows and driving a car with no doors. It’s not just something you see in the movies. I went to Hawaii two years ago and stayed for about 10 days. It was short. I definitely want to visit again. One nice local dish I tried there was called poke – it was like  ‘decomposed’ sushi––very delicious. I also enjoyed trying the local acai bowl, made from the palm tree fruit. We bought most of the good food from street trucks.



What are your favourite spots to visit in Bulgaria?

I like to ski in Bezbog. It is a non-comercial resort, perfect for off-track skiing. Also, it is a place where time seems to have stopped. This reminds of my childhood years. But even skiing is fun, I am from Bourgas and I love the sea too.

Why is Bulgaria a good place to build a career?

I don’t believe it comes down to “where” you build a career. You can build a career anywhere. Here, a team is really a team, not just a group of people working together. In other countries, you don’t communicate with your colleagues after work. 


How many coffees do you drink per day?

The standard is two in the morning, one at noon, and one in the afternoon. I need some fuel, I guess.